Twokid Wickid

Twokid Wickid is the performance moniker of Prithvi Varadarajan and Achal Khanolkar. Having grown up together in the city of Bangalore, the duo began their journey into electronic music in early 2008. As they listened to & curated their tracklists by choosing sounds inclined towards the progressive side of house and techno, they spent the earlier part of their music career learning and warming up at some of the most notable properties in the city. Since then, they have been on a constant upward trajectory, establishing themselves as one of the most sought after acts in the city as they learnt, absorbed and played every style of house music, stripped down techno, electro & breaks.

Twokid Wickid have also featured and played alongside a large number of unique international acts such as – Ambivalent, Avatism, Barac, Carl Finlow, DJ Dustin (Giegling) , Etapp Kyle, Dubfire, Lena Willikens, Rebekah, Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY) , Mike Servito (The Bunker NY) , Antenes (The Bunker Ny), and many more.

Not to forget the long list of of boutique electronic festivals in India the duo was invited to perform at – Echoes of Earth (Bangalore), Far Out Left (Mumbai), By the Pier (Mumbai), Future Theory Festival (Pune), Over & Out (Bangalore), VH1 Supersonic (Goa), The Go:Madras (Mahaballipuram), The Kingfisher Oktober Fest (Goa), The Kingfisher Oktober Fest (Bangalore), Cirkus Indigo Festival (Bangalore).

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