Born and raised in Mumbai, Chhabb was constantly digging crates in search of sounds that had depth & also made him travel into unknown, unexplored dimensions. Belonging to the early generation of DJ’s & representing a vibe full of 303 based industrial and textured dark-techno, Chhabb has played a big role in the underground music movement in India.

Chhabb has hosted and played alongside artists of The Bunker NY, and others such as – Aurora Halal, Batu, Bruce, Cashu, Carl Finlow, DJ Nobu, Gonno, Helena Hauff, Inga Mauer, Mor Elian, Matrixxman, Nathan Johnson, Nazira, Olivia Radar, Zenker Brothers and many more. In 2018, Chhabb was featured on The Bunker NY show on Red Bull Radio and has also contributed a podcast to The Bunker NY podcast series. In the same year, he was also featured on a new collaborative release with the legendary Thee J Johanz label ‘Ballyhoo’ as part of a Mumbai-based collective ‘The Bombay Municipal Corporation’ that was founded by Spacejams and himself. Paralally, he also played a bunch of gigs and festivals around the country. Last year in 2019, Chhabb played at the top boutiques festivals of India – Echoes of Earth in Bangalore, Magnetic Fields in Rajasthan & FarOutLeft in Mumbai. FarOutLeft released an exclusive compilation right before the festival which featured unreleased tracks from Chhabb and a few other independent artists from the country.

In 2020, Chhabb is set to launch a record label he co-found with Bhish, known as ‘The Elefants’. Their first ever release was called ‘Dice’ which was also a part of the FarOutLeft compilation.

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