Chhabb X Bhish

Dominated by industrial and breakbeat techno, Bhish & Chhabb’s sets are known for using sounds that are heavily electronic, acidic and monotonously mischievous. Now Room 303 & FarOutLeft residents, and active participants of the Indian underground music movement since its early days, the two have spent the last few years touring and playing at most of the renowned clubs and festivals in India.

Spending time in the studio for the sole purpose of experimenting with their respective favourite sounds, Bhish and Chhabb have been surprising themselves off late & truly consider the dancefloor to be a space dedicated to innovation and change.

In 2018, Chhabb & Bhish were a part of the Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) live stream and their latest track ‘Dice’ is a part of the FarOutLeft’19 compilation. Today, through their enormous collection of music and records, Chhabb and Bhish flawlessly take their dancers on an impeccably unique and unforgettable journey, successfully guiding them through all the phases of evolution of global electronic dance music.

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